HPLC columns, NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity-SB

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HPLC columns, NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity-SB
Kolony chromatografické
NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity-SB is a monomeric octadecyl modified silica phase with extensive endcapping for HPLC.

  • High purity spherical silica gel
  • Hydrophobic phase with distinct polar selectivity
  • Suitable for LC/MS due to low bleeding characteristics

C18 Gravity-SB with its additional distinct polar selectivity is ideal for method development. Compared to monomeric octadecyl phases with conventional endcapping this premium phase shows better retention of early eluting substances. Thus, it is successfully applied for sophisticated analytical separations, especially for polar compounds like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, water-soluble vitamins, organic acids, nitrosamines, alkaloids etc.

EC guard columns are used for analytical EC columns with the Column Protection System guard column holder (554-5851).

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