Test strips, dialysis, peroxides, DiaQuant®

MANA932002EA 953 CZK
MANA932002 MANA932007
Test strips, dialysis, peroxides, DiaQuant®
Kity pro environmentální testy
The DiaQuant® product line is specifically designed for the dialysis environment to test rinse and feed water, as well as sufficient potency levels of disinfectant when storing dialysis equipment. All tests are simple and fast without any mixing or mess. Our proven technology makes testing reliable and accurate, thus providing a safe environment for your patients.

  • Results within seconds: Just dip, wait and read against multi-stage colour scale
  • Always ready to use: No accessories necessary for evaluation
  • Safe results: Desiccant in the stopper for optimal protection of the strips against humidity

In dialysis, reliable on-site chemical testing is a critical factor for patient safety. Accurate and quick testing is also fundamental to run a dialysis center effectively and successfully.

Gradation Diaquant Peroxide S: 0 · 0,5 · 2 · 5 · 10 · 25 ppm H₂O₂
Gradation Diaquant Peroxide 0 · 1 · 3 · 10 · 30 · 100 ppm H₂O₂

Colour: white → blue

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