HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® NH₂, 3 µm

Dodavatel: Avantor®
ACE111403005SEA 21320 CZK
ACE111403005S ACE-1114-10005 ACE-1114-1201 ACE-1114-0501 ACE-1114-1501 ACE-1114-0501S ACE-1114-0301 ACE-1114-0301S ACE-1114-7501 ACE-1114-1201S ACE-1114-03005 ACE111475005S ACE-1114-7501S ACE111415005S ACE-1114-1501S ACE-1114-05005 ACE-1114-75005 ACE-1114-15005 ACE-1114-12005 ACE111412005S ACE-1114-1001S ACE111410005S ACE111405005S ACE-1114-1001
HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® NH₂, 3 µm
Kolony chromatografické
These stainless steel columns with proprietary bonding technology provide high robustness with excellent column lifetimes.

  • Usable in reversed phase, normal phase, weak anion-exchange and HILIC modes
  • Ideal for the analysis of sugars
  • Ultra-inert, high efficiency with optimum peak shape
  • Range of particle sizes: 1,7 µm, 3 µm and 5 µm and complementary phases

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