Nucleosil SA, HPLC Columns

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NC100-5SA-10C5EA 0 CZK
NC100-5SA-10C5 NC100-5SA-250A HICHNC100-5SA-10C NC100-10SA-250A NC1005SA100AM NC1005SA150AM NC100-5SA-50AS NC100-5SA-150AS NC1005SA125AS NC100-5SA-250AS NC100-5SA-50AM NC1005SA100AS
Nucleosil SA, HPLC Columns
Kolony chromatografické
These are packed with classical spherical porous silica available in a wide range of pore sizes. The 100 Å and 120 Å have similar relative retention characteristics, however the 100 Å has the greater capacity whilst the 120 Å exhibits a lower backpressure.

  • Sulphonic acid (SA) functional group
  • Good mechanical stability
  • Good batch to batch reproducibility

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