VWR® Professional, Pipette Calibration Balances

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VWR® Professional, Pipette Calibration Balances
Pipetting accuracy is critical for successful experiments: A small inaccuracy in pipetting can result in important variations in results. The pipette check function of these touchscreen balances allows the user to check if the pipette is still accurate, as per directive ISO 8655 'Piston-operated volumetric apparatus - Gravimetric methods for the determination of measurement error' and customisable methods.

  • Balances can be used for standard weighing operations as well as pipette checking
  • Inbuilt software guides the user in selecting which volume to check, number of samples to weigh
  • User is taken through steps required to complete the test in accordance with their selected method
  • On completion a detailed report is created with an overall performance result of the pipette check and a pass/fail message

Pipettes must undergo regular checks (frequency is determined by the laboratory based on the type of work carried out and the acceptable level of risk) and must be periodically calibrated. Smaller volume pipettes require higher resolution balances such as the semi micro balance, larger volume pipettes can be checked on lower resolution balances.

If the results show the pipette being tested is not compliant with ISO 8655, then the pipette must not be used and/or must be sent to a calibration laboratory. The pipette-check function, in addition to checking pipettes that are used daily, can also be used as preventive maintenance to decrease risks and avoid costly and time-consuming corrective actions.

The pipette trap kit minimises the effect of liquid evaporation while checking pipette accuracy. Ideal for use with a semi-micro balance when measuring low quantities for example the liquid from a micropipette. This can easily be removed in order to use the balance as an ordinary balance.

All models have a 3 door sliding draft shield.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with pipette trap kit. Optional air temperature, humidity and pressure sensors are available if required.

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