ESD safety shoes, lace-up, uvex 1 G2, 6849

Dodavatel: Uvex
UVEX6849.8/47EA 3280 CZK
UVEX6849.8/47 UVEX6849.7/35 UVEX6849.8/46 UVEX6849.8/49 UVEX6849.7/37 UVEX6849.7/36 UVEX6849.8/48 UVEX6849.8/43 UVEX6849.0/40 UVEX6849.0/41 UVEX6849.8/42 UVEX6849.8/45 UVEX6849.8/44 UVEX6849.9/52 UVEX6849.8/41 UVEX6849.9/50 UVEX6849.8/40 UVEX6849.9/51 UVEX6849.0/44 UVEX6849.0/45 UVEX6849.0/42 UVEX6849.0/43 UVEX6849.0/48 UVEX6849.7/39 UVEX6849.0/49 UVEX6849.7/38 UVEX6849.0/46 UVEX6849.0/47 UVEX6849.9/49 UVEX6849.8/36 UVEX6849.8/35 UVEX6849.9/47 UVEX6849.8/38 UVEX6849.8/37 UVEX6849.9/48 UVEX6849.9/45 UVEX6849.9/46 UVEX6849.9/43 UVEX6849.9/44 UVEX6849.9/41 UVEX6849.9/42 UVEX6849.9/40 UVEX6849.0/39 UVEX6849.0/37 UVEX6849.0/38 UVEX6849.8/39 UVEX6849.0/35 UVEX6849.0/36 UVEX6849.9/38 UVEX6849.9/39 UVEX6849.9/36 UVEX6849.9/37 UVEX6849.7/52 UVEX6849.9/35 UVEX6849.7/51 UVEX6849.7/50 UVEX6849.7/46 UVEX6849.7/45 UVEX6849.7/48 UVEX6849.7/47 UVEX6849.0/51 UVEX6849.7/42 UVEX6849.7/41 UVEX6849.0/52 UVEX6849.7/44 UVEX6849.7/43 UVEX6849.0/50 UVEX6849.8/50 UVEX6849.8/52 UVEX6849.7/40 UVEX6849.8/51 UVEX6849.7/49
ESD safety shoes, lace-up, uvex 1 G2, 6849
Ultra-lightweight S2 safety shoes are available in multiple widths.

  • Made from synthetic materials, making it suitable for people allergic to chrome
  • Breathable microvelour upper material
  • uvex i-PUREnrj with optimum shock-absorption and energy return
  • Meets the ESD specification with volume resistance under 35 megaohms
  • Elastic laces for quick, individual adjustment (normal laces also provided)

The new, innovative uvex i-PUREnrj sole technology offers the highest level of shock-absorbing properties at the forefoot and at the heel. This results in excellent rebound over the entire midsole and optimal stability thanks to the foam heel basket. A new, wider 100% metal-free uvex xenova® safety toe cap provides more toe room and optimum fit. The toe cap offers compact design, anatomical shape, good lateral stability, and no thermal conductivity. All sole materials are free of silicone, plasticisers, and other paint wetting impairment substances.

Colour: Black/orange

Certifikace: EN 61340 (ESD), EN ISO 20345:2011 S2 SRC

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