Viability PCR starter kits

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Viability PCR starter kits
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny qPCR/RT-qPCR Enzymes and Kits
Kits designed to make it simple to start performing viability PCR with the choice of viability dye (PMA or PMAxx™).

  • Selectively detect viable cells using qPCR
  • Works in complex samples or mixed cultures
  • Original PMA validated in wide variety of organisms and viruses
  • Next-generation PMAxx™ gives improved live/dead discrimination

Viability PCR starter kits contain the materials that you need for selective detection of viable cells using either PMA or PMAxx™ viability dye and real-time PCR. The user will need to supply primers to amplify DNA from their species of interest.

Kit options are available with the choice of PMA or PMAxx™ viability dye, and with or without Enhancer for gram-negative bacteria. Original PMA dye has been validated for vPCR in hundreds of publications and a wide variety of bacteria, yeast, and viruses. PMAxx™ is a next-generation vPCR dye to provide superior live/dead discrimination compared to PMA. PMA enhancer is an optional reagent that improves live/dead discrimination for gram-negative bacteria.

Note: User must provide primers to detect species of interest.

Informace o dodávce: Kits include sufficient reagents to treat 80 bacterial cultures with PMA or PMAxx™ and to perform 200 PCR reactions.

Kit Components: PMA dye or PMAxx™ dye, PMA enhancer for gram negative bacteria (BTIU31076/BTIU31076-X only), Forget-Me-Not™ EvaGreen® qPCR master mix, ROX reference dye.

Upozornení: Enhancer is not recommended for use with gram-positive bacteria or samples with mixed strains.

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