Tyramide amplification kit with HRP streptavidin and CF® dye or biotin tyramide

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Tyramide amplification kit with HRP streptavidin and CF® dye or biotin tyramide
Systémy pro spojování a značení proteinů
Kits for increasing immunofluorescence sensitivity using HRP-catalysed tyramide signal amplification with the choice of next-generation fluorescent CF® dyes or biotin.

  • Increase sensitivity by up to 100-fold
  • Use lower primary antibody concentrations
  • Boost signal in challenging samples, like human FFPE tissues
  • Choose from six bright and photostable CF® dyes or biotin

Tyramide amplification, sometimes called Catalysed Reporter Deposition (CARD), is an enzyme-mediated detection method that uses the catalytic activity of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) to generate high density labelling of a target protein or nucleic acid sequence in situ. The tyramide amplification method has been reported to increase the sensitivity by up to 100-fold compared to conventional avidin-biotin detection. Multiple rounds of tyramide signal amplification can be performed for multiplex detection.

These kits includes choice of six CF® dye tyramides or biotin tyramide. CF® dyes are line of next-generation fluorescent dyes, with advantages in brightness and photostability compared to other dyes.

Informace pro objednávání: Each kit contains reagents for staining 50 to 150 slides; the actual number of samples that can be stained will depend on staining volumes used. Tyramide amplification buffer, CF® dye tyramides, and other tyramide compounds are also available separately. Note: Endogenous biotin blocking reagents (not provided) may be required for streptavidin/biotin detection in cells or tissues.

Informace o dodávce: Kit components: CF® dye or biotin-tyramide stock solution, HRP Streptavidin, BSA for blocking, Tyramide amplification buffer plus, 30% Hydrogen peroxide.

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