TEMPase Hot start DNA polymerase

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TEMPase Hot start DNA polymerase
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VWR® TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerases are highly stable polymerases, featuring higher specificity, superior sensitivity and greater yields compared to standard DNA polymerases. These features make them well suited for the detection of low abundance targets. Other uses include screening, amplification of GC-rich sequences, multiplex PCR, direct PCR and qPCR. A glycerol-free TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase is also available for automation and freeze drying.

The GC-Rich Template kit is specifically designed for difficult GC-rich sequences. Combined with TEMPase, GC buffers I and II promote excellent amplification. The kit is designed for initial testing before using one of the GC-TEMPase 2X Master Mixes.

Informace o dodávce: VWR® TEMPase DNA polymerases generally include two different buffers, Key Buffer and Combination Buffer, which are each suited to different PCR requirements. Key Buffer (NH4+) gives a superior amplification signal (high yield), and minimises the need for optimisation of the Mg2+ concentration or the annealing temperature in most primer-template systems. Combination Buffer is a mixture of K+ and NH4+. It combines high specificity with good product yield and high tolerance to optimisation of primer annealing temperatures and Mg2+ concentrations, due to its balanced ammonium-potassium formulation. Each buffer contains 15 mM MgCl₂ (1,5 mM in final volume). Additional MgCl₂ for easy optimisation is included in a separate vial.

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