Avantor® Hichrom HI-DEX B-SE, GC Columns

Dodavatel: VWR
Avantor® Hichrom
HI77-10-010-10EA 41810 CZK
HI77-10-010-10 HI72-25-015-25 HI72-25-015-15 HI72-25-025-30 HI72-25-025-25 HI72-25-025-15 HI77-10-010-5 HI72-25-015-60 HI72-25-015-50 HI72-25-015-30 HI72-25-025-50 HI72-25-025-60
Avantor® Hichrom HI-DEX B-SE, GC Columns
Kolony chromatografické
Unique selectivity for the separation of enantiomers. Useful for the analysis of chiral compounds in fragrances, pesticides and pharmaceuticals in which the determination of the ratio of enantiomers in a sample is necessary.

Max temperature limits may change depending on the film thickness.

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