spin columns, C18

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GENO786-931EA 12230 CZK
GENO786-931 GENO786-930
spin columns, C18
Filtry Filtry centrifugační
These C18 spin columns are ready-to-use micro centrifuge columns for peptide clean up and concentration. The columns consist of porous C18 reverse-phase resin that has a particle size of ~15 µm and a pore size of 300 Å. The resin offers highly efficient binding and recovery of peptides and is ideal for mass spectrometry and other peptide related applications.

  • Rapid peptide purification
  • Yields high quality spectra with significant noise reduction
  • Easy to handle, no specialised equipment required
  • End capped to block reactive surface sianol groups
  • 10 mg C18 resin/spin column

Each spin column can be used to process between 10 to 150 µl peptide samples in about 30 minutes without the need for specialized equipment. Each column can bind between 10 ng to 30 µg of protein peptides, although sensitivity and detection limits are dependent on selected downstream applications.
Purification of peptides prior to:
Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation (MALDI)
Electrospray ionisation (ESI) mass spectrometry (MS)

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