Reagents for DR800, DR900, DR2010, DR2500, DR2400, DR2800, DR3800, DR3900, DR5000, DR6000

Dodavatel: Hach
HACH2122332EA 1210 CZK
HACH2122332 HACH2459000 705-0157 HACH2352512 705-0085 HACH2678600 705-0088 HACH179049 HACH2168049 HACH2243900 705-0100 HACH2401268 705-0077 HACHHPT240 705-0116 HACH2603100 705-0560 HACH2658825 HACH2658448 705-0558 HACH2070242 HACH2658300 705-2032 HACH2242300 705-0195 HACH2070042 705-2035 458-0046 705-0139 HACH2401066 HACH2790800 HACHHPT310 HACH2947553 HACH2368964 HACH2802246 705-0152 HACH2070142 HACH2076049 705-0199 705-0156 HACH1206499 HACH2212242 HACH2105728 HACH2603101 705-2034 HACH2293666 HACH2229726 705-0108 HACH199526 705-2038 458-0045 HACH2368749 705-0141 HACH2563000 705-0110 HACH2678500 HACH2122326 705-0137 HACH2257169 705-0142 HACH2257700 HACH2243400 HACH2168042 705-0121 HACH2297255 HACH2604299 HACH2368655 705-0140 HACH2212129 HACH2241832 705-0134 705-0120 705-0130 705-0123 705-0105 HACH2754048 705-2036 HACH2293566 HACH2241732 705-0169 HACH2368531 705-0083 HACH2352449 HACH2368855 HACH2076053 HACH2527025 705-2031
Reagents for DR800, DR900, DR2010, DR2500, DR2400, DR2800, DR3800, DR3900, DR5000, DR6000
Kity pro environmentální testy
Reagents for photometric analysis either in field conditions or in the laboratory.

PP - Powder pillows - Simple and accurate addition of the reagents from a hermetically sealed aluminium foil pillow - ideal for measurement in difficult conditions.

AV - ACCUVAC - Sealed glass cuvettes containing a portioned amount of reagent. Simply immerse the tip of the accuvac in the sample, break it and the vacuum draws the sample into the cuvette.

IM - Immunoassay method of test.

RL- Rapid liquid test kit - Often used for trace level detection (e.g ultra low silica or total chlorine) and in conjunction with a flow cell when there is a high sample throughput.

RS - Reagent solution - Standard chemical reagents supplied in a bottle.

Upozornení: * Suitable only for the DR 5000 UV-Vis Instrument.

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