CF® Dye Azide

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CF® Dye Azide
Systémy pro spojování a značení proteinů
CF® Dyes with an azide group. Can be used to label or detect alkyne, BCN or cyclooctyne-containing molecules by fluorescence spectroscopy, microscopy or flow cytometry following copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition.

  • Fluorescent detection or labeling of alkyne, BCN or cyclooctyne groups on target molecules
  • Bright, photostable and water-soluble CF® Dyes are excellent options for fluorescent labeling

CF® Dye azide can react with terminal alkynes to form 1,2,3-triazole via copper-catalyzed cycloaddition. They can also undergo Staudinger ligation with a phosphine containing compounds. The azide derivatives also react with cyclooctynes and BCN groups via copper-free bioorthogonal reaction.

Superior CF® Dyes, CF® Dyes are Biotium’s line of next-generation fluorescent dyes that have improved brightness, photostability and water solubility compared to Alexa Fluor®, DyLight®, and other fluorescent dyes.

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