VWR®, Polystyrene Assay Plates, 96- and 384-Well

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VWR®, Polystyrene Assay Plates, 96- and 384-Well
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Manufactured from high quality crystal polystyrene. They are ideal for routine assays, mixing and storage.

  • Flat bottom ideal for microscopic applications
  • V-bottom minimising residual liquid
  • U-bottom for optimising sample/cell collection

VWR® assay plates are available in clear, white or black polystyrene, with solid or clear bottom.

The bottom of the clear bottom plates is just 0,4 mm thick and extremely flat (±0,1 mm tolerance), ensuring high measurement precision and elimination of reading errors when performing cell-based assays using fluorescent or luminescent imaging. The tissue culture-treated plates are supplied lidded and sterile, in individual bags.

The bottom of the glass bottom plates is 175 µm thick, extremely flat with a tolerance of ±15 µm. They offer a higher performance than standard polystyrene plates for fluorescence assays, luminescence detection, scintillation counting and high resolution microscopy using confocal imaging.

The solid bottom plates are suitable for absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation applications.

*Individual clear bottoms, used when light cross over from neighbouring wells needs to be minimised.

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