Grade shark skin filter papers for technical use, Whatman™

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Grade shark skin filter papers for technical use, Whatman™
Filtry Papíry filtrační Papír kvalitativní filtrační
Whatman Grade Shark Skin filter papers are a creped filter paper that is commonly used to remove impurities in a variety of applications.

  • Very thin with high wet strength: Enables handling when wet; allows use under pressure; provides durability and structural support in aqueous filtration
  • Creped filter paper: Has enlarged surface area that reduces duration of filtration and allows more stretch and flexibility
  • Durable: Resistant to weak acids and bases

Whatman Grade Shark Skin Filter Papers (particle retention 8-12 µm) are a medium/slow filter paper made from super-refined cellulose. They are available in a variety of sizes, in both circles and sheets.

Applications include:
- Purification of edible oils, beverages, and cocoa butter for food and cosmetic uses.
- Removal of suspended solids for purification of electroplating baths
Protective paper for filter press cloths
- Reducing impurities lowers the amounts of reactants and increases the efficiency of the oil, which minimizes production costs and helps to ensure regulatory compliance.

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