Digital colour camera, Flexacam C3

Supplier: Leica

630-3187EA 14640 CZK
630-3187 630-3373 630-3191 630-3364
Digital colour camera, Flexacam C3
Flexacam C3, a 12 MP microscope camera for simplicity, colour accuracy, and real-time collaboration.

  • Camera simplicity without a PC
  • Flexibly enhance documentation with intuitive measurement, annotation, overlay, and network tools
  • View images directly on a monitor and re-cord videos in full HD with up to 30 frames per second
  • Save images to a local network or send as email attachment for easy sharing and storage
  • Powerful colour accuracy
  • Precise colour reproduction is provided by the sensor‘s dynamic range and signal processing unit
  • Fine details of the sample are revealed thanks to the 12 MP CMOS sensor
  • Fast screening of sample with bright and dark areas due to the fast auto exposure
  • Collaboration in real time
  • Clear and smooth visualisation of sample movements on the screen thanks to the high frame rate of up to 60 fps and high signal transfer speed from sensor to monitor
  • Viewing of live and captured images directly on a monitor simultaneously by multiple users when used in stand-alone or workstation mode

Save time when capturing, documenting, and sharing images with the Flexacam C3 microscope camera. It transforms your microscope into a stand-alone digital imaging station without the need for a PC. Make reliable and accurate decisions for your application tasks with powerful colour accuracy. True-to-life colours and fine details are a given thanks to the 12 MP CMOS sensor, large dynamic range, and fast signal processing.

Collaborate in real time and review images efficiently as a team by taking advantage of the fast display of live images.
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