VWR®, Environmental 90 mm Petri plates

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VWR®, Environmental 90 mm Petri plates
Média mikrobiologická Misky mikrobiologické kontaktní
Environmental Petri plates 90 mm for active and passive air monitoring in pharmaceutical industries.

  • Lateral labelling QR barcode for easy and automatic identification
  • Available with broad spectrum disinfectant neutralisers
  • H₂O₂ impermeable film for the use inside isolators
  • Single, double- or triple-sterile film wrapping
  • Gamma irradiated
  • Desiccant inside to avoid condensation
  • Suitable for use with microbiological air samplers

Long shelf life: Up to 9 months
Room temperature storage: 15 to 25 °C

Environmental 90 mm Petri plates: Three reasons why are they different from standard 90 mm plates.
1) Use: Control of the contamination of air inside cleanrooms, sterile areas and isolators — only for environmental control.
2) Special packaging: Double-/triple-irradiated wrapping is necessary to ensure that the package itself doesn’t contaminate clean/sterile rooms — the first external wrapper is removed just before entering the clean area.
3) For the use inside isolators, a H₂O₂ (VHP) impermeable film is mandatory.

Informace pro objednávání: Data logger temperature on delivery available on request.

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