Masterflex® Ismatec® Pump Tubing, 2-Stop Microbore, PharMed® BPT, Avantor®

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MFLX95723-38EA 3050 CZK
MFLX95723-38 MFLX95723-48 MFLX95723-26 MFLX95723-14 MFLX95723-36 MFLX95723-24 MFLX95723-46 MFLX95723-18 MFLX95723-28 MFLX95723-30 MFLX95723-40 MFLX95723-12 MFLX95723-34 MFLX95723-22 MFLX95723-44 MFLX95723-10 MFLX95723-32 MFLX95723-42
Masterflex® Ismatec® Pump Tubing, 2-Stop Microbore, PharMed® BPT, Avantor®
Hadičky Hadičky peristaltické pumpy
Designed for optimal operation in your Ismatec pumps.

  • Precision extruded to tight tolerances for high repeatability, accuracy and reproducibility
  • Global market leader in range of formulations for most extensive chemical compatibility
  • Single-use custom lengths and configurations available to minimise downtime
  • Regulatory approvals to match your unique application

To complete your Ismatec® pumping system, order two-stop color-coded and extension tubing. Tubing comes in various formulations for almost any pumping application.
The stops on the two-stop tubing are color-coded according to tubing ID. Use this tubing with any of the Ismatec® standard cartridge pumps and pump heads. Cartridges withstand pressures up to 45 psi.

The overall length of PharMed BPT 95723-series stop tubing is 16" (406 mm). The legacy Ismatec® stop tubing was 400 mm long.

Order extension tubing under "Accessories". For technical assistance selecting tubing formulations and sizes, contact our Application Specialists.

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