Masterflex® L/S® Variable Speed Analog Console Pump Systems, Avantor®

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Masterflex® L/S® Variable Speed Analog Console Pump Systems, Avantor®
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Don’t lose control of your metering applications—digital display gives you precise control.

  • Accurate and repeatable settings with 3-digit LED display of rpm
  • Pump fluid in either direction with reversible motor—perfect for purging tubing
  • Choose multichannel systems for synchronous flow from all channels
  • Maximize processes in a minimal footprint by stacking splash-resistant, IP33-rated drives
  • Two ways to control speed, direction, and start/stop—use either the membrane keypad or remote-control capabilities

These L/S® precision variable-speed console drives offer precise ±0.25% speed control for accurate flow regulation. The large LED display and LED indicators confirm motor rpm and motor direction at a glance. The complete pump systems include all you need to start pumping.

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