CPC® Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Hose Barb Bodies

Dodavatel: CPC (Colder Products Company)
MFLX06364-65BLKEA 8980 CZK
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CPC® Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Hose Barb Bodies
Fitinky a konektory
No more struggling—just press thumb latch.

  • Fittings connect in a snap

These CPC® plastic quick-disconnect fittings feature an ergonomic design and thumb latch for an easy grip and simple operation. Simply plug the coupling insert into the coupling body to connect fittings. Fittings will lock into place immediately. The audible click when the coupling engages confirms a solid connection. To disconnect fitting halves, simply press the button on the coupling body. Standard flow quick-disconnect couplings require a body and an insert of the same flow size.

A complete coupler requires a fitting body and an insert (order separately).

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