Aalborg Digital Flowmeter Cables and Adapters

Dodavatel: Aalborg
MFLX32650-88EA 2200 CZK
MFLX32650-88 MFLX32650-22 MFLX33401-90 MFLX33401-91 MFLX32662-65 MFLX33401-92 MFLX32662-55 MFLX32755-90 MFLX32662-70 MFLX32662-60 MFLX32662-50 MFLX32650-90 MFLX03277-00 MFLX32650-96 MFLX32650-84 MFLX32650-65 MFLX32650-86 MFLX32650-92 MFLX03277-05 MFLX32650-80 MFLX32650-94 MFLX32650-60
Aalborg Digital Flowmeter Cables and Adapters
Displays instantaneous, total and accumulated flow rates.

  • Built-in Flow Linearizer (10 point linearization of the flow curve)
  • Up to 47 different volumetric and mass flow engineering units
  • Large 13 mm (0.51") digits for flow rate and 5.5 mm (0.21") for Total
  • Digital RS-232 interface (multi-drop capability of up to 64 devices requires RS-485)
  • Compact design for unit mount, panel mount, wall mount or field mount applications
  • User-programmable, optically-isolated pulse output
  • Two programmable, optically-isolated, digital outputs
  • Flow controllers, set point command control via local LCD or digital interface
  • Programmable set point table with ramping up/down capability up to 16 steps
  • Free configuration and monitoring utility software

Use these totalizers for flowmeters and controllers with a voltage or current input and output interface where flow indications / control and totalizers, or alarm functions are required. These flow totalizers can be used when re-transmission of the flow rate and/or totalizer functions via optically-isolated pulse output or serial communication is desired.Local or programmable set point control for flow controllers are easily done via keypad. Activation of user-supplied equipment via programmable optically-isolated digital outputs are easily done when flow alarms or totalizers events are active.

The graphical LCD display has large ½” (13 mm) digits for flow rate and 0.21" (5.5 mm) for total and can be set by you to simultaneously show different combination of the flow parameters: flow rate, totalizers, flow alarms, and diagnostic events. All configuration parameter settings are easily accessed via a simple user-interface menu driven by a 6 button key-pad which can be password-protected.

Totalizer kits, below, enable you to power your totalizer depending on your input/output power requirements, for both flowmeters and controllers, and are required if you have no power or communication cables. Kits 32650-92 and -94 are mounting brackets only, and require user-supplied custom cables.

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