Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Independent Channel Control (ICC) Peristaltic Pumps, Avantor®

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MFLX78001-58-EUEA 82240 CZK
MFLX78001-72-DK MFLX78001-58-EU MFLX78001-60-AU MFLX78001-82-UK MFLX78001-60-EU MFLX78001-58-AU MFLX78001-78-USS MFLX78001-58-IT MFLX78001-58-IL MFLX78001-70-USS MFLX78001-62-DK MFLX78001-70-AU MFLX78001-82-IN MFLX78001-70-EU MFLX78001-58-IN MFLX78001-82-IL MFLX78001-80-CH MFLX78001-62-USS MFLX78001-82-IT MFLX78001-72-IN MFLX78001-80-EU MFLX78001-62-UK MFLX78001-70-CH MFLX78001-80-AU MFLX78001-58-UK MFLX78001-72-IL MFLX78001-68-CH MFLX78001-80-USS MFLX78001-72-IT MFLX78001-78 MFLX78001-82 MFLX78001-60-CH MFLX78001-72-UK MFLX78001-62-IN MFLX78001-58-DK MFLX78001-62-IL MFLX78001-80 MFLX78001-62-EU MFLX78001-78-CH MFLX78001-82-DK MFLX78001-62-IT MFLX78001-82-USS MFLX78001-62-AU MFLX78001-78-DK MFLX78001-68 MFLX78001-80-UK MFLX78001-70-DK MFLX78001-72 MFLX78001-72-AU MFLX78001-80-IL MFLX78001-72-EU MFLX78001-82-CH MFLX78001-58-CH MFLX78001-68-UK MFLX78001-70 MFLX78001-58-USS MFLX78001-68-DK MFLX78001-80-IN MFLX78001-80-IT MFLX78001-60-DK MFLX78001-72-CH MFLX78001-70-IL MFLX78001-60-UK MFLX78001-82-EU MFLX78001-78-IT MFLX78001-68-USS MFLX78001-70-IN MFLX78001-68-IL MFLX78001-82-AU MFLX78001-68-IN MFLX78001-58 MFLX78001-70-IT MFLX78001-78-AU MFLX78001-72-USS MFLX78001-78-EU MFLX78001-60-IN MFLX78001-60 MFLX78001-68-EU MFLX78001-62 MFLX78001-60-IL MFLX78001-62-CH MFLX78001-68-AU MFLX78001-78-UK MFLX78001-78-IN MFLX78001-80-DK MFLX78001-78-IL MFLX78001-60-IT MFLX78001-60-USS MFLX78001-70-UK MFLX78001-68-IT
Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Independent Channel Control (ICC) Peristaltic Pumps, Avantor®
Čerpadla Čerpadla peristaltická
Independently control flow and direction of each channel via keypad or your PC.

  • Flow rate 0.001 to 43 ml/min per channel - flow rate depends on drive rpm, rollers, and tubing size
  • USB interface for quick connection to a PC
  • Flexibility of bidirectional flow in each channel

These multi-channel peristaltic pumps let you individually control the flow and direction of each channel from the intuitive keypad or via your computer—expanding your benchtop pumping capabilities with a single compact unit! Pump delivers continuous pumping or precision dispensing with the capability of bidirectional flow in each channel. Plus, independent channel calibration minimizes tube-to-tube differences, resulting in high calibration accuracy.

Order the three-stop tubing size and formulation to suit your application needs (sold separately). More than 100 options exist — the most popular sizes and formulations can be found under Accessories below

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