Masterflex® L/S® Network-Compatible Pump Systems, Avantor®

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MFLX77975-75-EUEA 176470 CZK
MFLX77924-72-AU MFLX77924-72-IN MFLX77975-75-USS MFLX77924-72-IT MFLX77975-65-AU MFLX77975-67-DK MFLX77975-67-USS MFLX77975-75-EU MFLX77975-70-DK MFLX77924-80-CH MFLX77924-70-USS MFLX77975-60-IN MFLX77924-82-EU MFLX77975-70-UK MFLX77975-62-CH MFLX77975-60-IL MFLX77924-82-UK MFLX77975-62-IT MFLX77975-77-USS MFLX77975-62-AU MFLX77975-65-IN MFLX77975-72-EU MFLX77924-82-DK MFLX77975-65-IT MFLX77924-72-IL MFLX77924-72-USS MFLX77975-65-USS MFLX77975-75-UK MFLX77975-67-CH MFLX77975-65-IL MFLX77924-80-AU MFLX77975-72-IN MFLX77975-67-EU MFLX77924-70-EU MFLX77975-62-UK MFLX77924-72 MFLX77975-72-IL MFLX77924-70 MFLX77975-77-AU MFLX77975-65-DK MFLX77924-80-IL MFLX77924-80-IN MFLX77924-82-CH MFLX77975-60-CH MFLX77924-82-USS MFLX77924-80-IT MFLX77975-77-IN MFLX77975-77-IL MFLX77924-70-DK MFLX77975-60-IT MFLX77975-60-AU MFLX77975-77-IT MFLX77975-67-UK MFLX77975-65-CH MFLX77924-80-USS MFLX77924-70-UK MFLX77975-70-EU MFLX77975-62-DK MFLX77924-72-EU MFLX77924-70-CH MFLX77924-82-AU MFLX77975-72-CH MFLX77975-60-UK MFLX77975-65-EU MFLX77975-70-IN MFLX77975-77-DK MFLX77975-70-IL MFLX77924-82-IT MFLX77924-82-IN MFLX77975-72-USS MFLX77975-75-AU MFLX77975-62-EU MFLX77975-77-CH MFLX77975-75-IL MFLX77975-65-UK MFLX77975-75-IT MFLX77924-82-IL MFLX77924-72-DK MFLX77924-82 MFLX77975-75-IN MFLX77924-80 MFLX77975-62 MFLX77975-60 MFLX77975-72-IT MFLX77924-72-UK MFLX77975-60-DK MFLX77975-67 MFLX77975-70-USS MFLX77975-65 MFLX77975-72-AU MFLX77924-70-IN MFLX77924-70-IL MFLX77924-72-CH MFLX77975-70-CH MFLX77975-75-DK MFLX77975-67-AU MFLX77975-60-USS MFLX77924-70-IT MFLX77975-72 MFLX77975-70 MFLX77975-77-EU MFLX77924-70-AU MFLX77975-72-UK MFLX77924-80-EU MFLX77975-77 MFLX77975-62-IN MFLX77975-75 MFLX77975-62-IL MFLX77924-80-UK MFLX77975-72-DK MFLX77975-60-EU MFLX77975-75-CH MFLX77924-80-DK MFLX77975-62-USS MFLX77975-67-IT MFLX77975-70-IT MFLX77975-67-IL MFLX77975-67-IN MFLX77975-70-AU MFLX77975-77-UK
Masterflex® L/S® Network-Compatible Pump Systems, Avantor®
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Networking drives offer either native EtherNet/IP™ or Profibus communication—no additional hardware or firmware required.

  • Flow rate 0.001 to 3400 ml/min with L/S tubing—flow rate depends on drive rpm pump head, and tubing size
  • Digital interface with graphical LCD shows pump performance and operating mode— continuous run, timed dispense, copy dispense, or volume dispense
  • Remote control available using analog communication—voltage, current and contact closure
  • Dispense by Volume in ml (0.001 to 9,999 mL), L, or gal; Copy—1 to 9,999 dispense cycles; or Time—time interval of on/off cycles (1 sec to 99 hr, 59 min, 59 sec per cycle)
  • Antidrip function ensures dispensing accuracy
  • Models with open-head sensor stops the drive when the pump head is opened

These precision drives offer digital and analog remote control (I/O) options and simple programming—ideal for automated process and network applications. Drives feature a programmable dispense interval that lets you set the delay between dispense cycles for convenient, automated dispensing. Programmed calibration ensures dispense and display accuracy—drive stores one calibration value per tubing size.

Program the drive via the simple membrane keypad or remotely; keypad lock/unlock feature protects settings. Motor is reversible so you can purge tubing before or after pumping and pump fluid in either direction.

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