Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Digital Multichannel Pumps, Avantor®

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Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Digital Multichannel Pumps, Avantor®
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Versatile multichannel pumps for accurate low-flow fluid delivery – with an intuitive touch-screen interface.

  • Compact, benchtop pumps optimize ease of use, accuracy, and reliability
  • 5” (12.7 cm) capacitive TFT/RGB touch screen for crisp resolution and a wide viewing angle
  • Flexible operational control via screen or analog remote control
  • Continuous run, volume dispense, and time dispense modes -- batch control and interval/off time in Volume and Time modes
  • Pump lets you save and retrieve commonly used dispense programs for rapid set up
  • Anti-drip and speed ramping available in Volume dispense mode – ensure accuracy and minimize sample loss
  • Cassette pump models accept 3-stop tubing for easy loading and secure retention
  • Three-level user access – gives you the option of controlling who can operate the pump and at what level

MasterflexLive® is a secure, cloud-enabled platform for monitoring Masterflex pumps; get real-time notifications of pump parameters – including speed, flow rate, dispense volume, and more. You can monitor critical processes running 24/7 without the need for onsite personnel while push notifications alert you to operating conditions and error messages.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi or standard Ethernet (RJ45) jack on rear of drive; USB connection allows for downloadable firmware updates to be loaded into the pump.

Tubing cassettes (included) accept 3-stop tubing and are easily snapped in/out for quick tubing changes. Accepted tubing ranges from 0.13 to 3.17 mm ID for a wide flow range.

Order the three-stop tubing size and formulation to suit your application needs (sold separately).

Informace pro objednávání: Each model includes a country specific plug/cord set; choose the catalog number with desired country plug type. All units include an IEC 320 socket with a detachable standard US three prong power cable. See country plug description https://uk.vwr.com/cms/tech-article-ac-power-plugs-sockets-universal-pattern-guide.

Informace o dodávce: Includes pump drive and power adapter with 1,8 m (6 ft.) line cord. These models are shipped with country specific plug/cord set; please order the specific catalogue number with the desired plug type.

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