VWR®, Cryovials

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VWR®, Cryovials
Designed for freezing samples in all cryopreservation applications, these vials feature an internal thread with washer, or an external thread.

  • Manufactured from polypropylene to withstand temperatures down to –196 °C
  • Manufactured in cleanroom environment (Class 10,000)
  • Free of RNase, DNase and pyrogens
  • White graduations, write on area on vial for easy marking
  • Internal vials have a washer for a secure seal
  • 2D coded vial available in 2 ml self-standing
  • Vials may be colour coded with inserts
  • Sterile (gamma irradiated)
  • Cap material: HDPE

Self standing/starfoot/round bottom vial option for user to choose based on the application.

Cryocoder/cap inserts are available in multiple colour options: Violet, white, blue, orange, lilac, red, tan, yellow, green, grey, pink, assorted (five colours).

Certifikace: US FDA 21CRF, USP CLASS VI compliant Resin.

Upozornení: Store cryogenic vials only in the vapour phase above the liquefied gas. Always use appropriate safety equipment when removing vials from cryogenic storage.

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