Cole-Parmer® Stuart INC-200 Stuart Hybridisation Incubator/Shakers

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STUA39454-05EA 188670 CZK
STUA39454-05 STUA39454-95 STUA39454-96
Cole-Parmer® Stuart INC-200 Stuart Hybridisation Incubator/Shakers
Sušárny Pece hybridizační
Versatile - features both rotisserie and rocking motions.

  • Forced air circulation combined with microprocessor control result in excellent temperature uniformity
  • Up-and-over door for easy access to the chamber

Use a hybridisation incubator when it is vital to maintain the integrity of the sample while heating it to the exact temperature. The incubator is ideal for nucleic acid hybridisation applications such as Northern (RNA) blots, Southern (DNA) blots, and Western (protein) blots. This compact incubator comes with two built-in shakers. Rotisserie shaker has a rotational speed from 2 to 10 min⁻¹ while the platform shaker has a rocking speed from 5 to 70 oscillations/minute. The gentle rocking action is ideal for the washing stage of most hybridisation procedures.

Safety features include an over temperature protection system, plus the power is cut to the motor if the motor overheats or stalls. Stainless steel interior is easy to clean. Double-glazed smoked acrylic and polycarbonate door provides radiation protection.

Order a rotisserie that accepts 75 mm Ext.Ø bottles and Hybridisation bottles separately. Bottles are made from borosilicate glass and are autoclavable.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with one 7×40 mm Ext.Ø bottle rotisserie STUA39454-95.

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