Sharpsafe® Ecological 5th Generation Recycled Needle Containers

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Sharpsafe® Ecological 5th Generation Recycled Needle Containers
Koše odpadkové a zásobní Nádoby na ostré předměty
Sharpsafe®, historic pioneer in protecting against the risk of sharps injuries and sustainability in medical waste packaging management, presents the recycled 5th generation needle containers.

  • Increased efficiency to reduce sharps injuries
  • Reduced carbon footprint (recycled plastic, made in Europe)
  • Easy 4 click assembly with intuitive one-handed disconnection
  • Clear fill limit line
  • Temporary and permanent closing
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Clear labelling in national language

The Sharpsafe® range of sharps containers is a sharps management system that incorporates practice methodology designed to reduce needlestick injuries and deliver safe and effective management of sharps waste in accordance with international regulations. The 5th generation of Sharpsafe® combines high-performance sharps waste management with eco-conscious manufacturing. By switching manufacturing over to low carbon recycled materials, the carbon footprint is reduced by 80% in comparison to the use of virgin materials and helps to support healthcare facilities to achieve their carbon net zero targets.

The introduction of recycled materials into the entire product range has resulted in a significant reduction to our carbon footprint and the amount of single-use plastic entering the supply chain. This allows customers to benefit from these low carbon footprint products and makes a significant step towards their sustainability targets. The specialist Sharpsafe® team engages with key opinion leaders and advisory committees to update guidance and revolutionise the market, allowing the introduction of a safe and sustainable clinical waste management solution. Sharpsafe® is committed to achieving international regulatory standards and providing the highest standards of safety products, ensuring continued value and confidence to all customers.

Certifikace: In compliance with DIN ISO 23907-1:2019 standards. In compliance with TRBA 250. In compliance with BSI Kitemark.

Balení: The needle containers are packaged in cardboard boxes.

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