CF™ Dyes Cholera Toxin Subunit B, CF™ Dye Conjugates

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CF™ Dyes Cholera Toxin Subunit B, CF™ Dye Conjugates
Systémy pro spojování a značení proteinů
Cholera toxin subunit B conjugated to Biotium's next-generation fluorescent CF™ dyes.

  • Fluorescent probes for GM1 gangiosides
  • Useful for labeling lipid rafts and for neuronal tracing
  • Your choice of bright and photostable CF dyes

Cholera toxin is the symptom-causing toxin produced by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae during cholera infection. The toxin is composed of two subunits, A and B. Subunit A is the toxic enzymatic subunit present in one copy per toxin. Cholera toxin subunit B (CT-B) is the receptor binding subunit that is found as a pentamer in each toxin and is relatively non-toxic, making it useful for cell biological studies. CT-B has been used as a neuronal tracer and has also been shown to bind to GM1 gangliosides that are found in lipid rafts on the surface of mammalian cells. Therefore, fluorescently labeled conjugates of CT-B have been used as endocytic tracers and lipid raft markers for live imaging or on fixed cells. These fluorescent cholera toxin conjugates feature Biotium's line of next generation CF™ dyes with superior brightness and photostability compared to other fluorescent dyes. The conjugates contain less than 0.5% Cholera Toxin Subunit A.

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