SICCO Auto Glove Box with Transfer Chamber

Dodavatel: Bohlender
BOHLV1755-08EA 0 CZK
SICCO Auto Glove Box with Transfer Chamber
Designed for the handling of humidity-sensitive products in a dry atmosphere.

  • Clear panels
  • Panels made of PMMA
  • Temperature resistance: −20 to +70 °C
  • Use for normal pressure
  • Maximum load capacity: 40 kg
  • Hinged lid opening: 850×425 mm

Aluminium frame with panels made of acrylic glass, base panel made of polyethylene. Front panel with two glove ports and one pair of natural rubber gloves size 9, two lead-ins for cables on the back side (upper left and upper right), including one hygrometer in the working space and in the transfer chamber. Transfer chamber with two doors, external door with latch to prevent accidental opening, the tray extends into the workspace with opening of the internal door for easy removal of inserted products. Automatic reduction of humidity inside the workspace and transfer chamber, below 20% through automatic drying units mounted on the back side of the workspace and desiccant cartridges in the outer wall of the transfer chamber. The desiccant cartridges can be exchanged for regeneration in case of saturation. Electrical power connection 230 V, 50 Hz is required.

Informace o príslušenství: Additional desiccant cartridges for the transfer chamber can be purchased separately.

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