Experimentation kits, immunoaffinity chromatography

Dodavatel: G-Biosciences
BE-507EA 9320 CZK
Experimentation kits, immunoaffinity chromatography
Materiály výukové Chemický výukový materiál Aktivity pro výuku chromatografie
A hands on lab activity to study immunoaffinity chromatography and use a specific antibody to purify antigenic proteins from complex samples. This technique involves performing a chromatography procedure using antigen or antibody immobilised on a chromatographic resin. The solution containing antigen or antibody is passed through the column, which specifically and efficiently captures antibodies (antigen). The captured molecules are eluted from the column as a pure fraction. In this lab activity, students perform immunoaffinity chromatography and learn how this method is utilised in research laboratories.

  • Teaches antibody:antigen precipitation
  • Hands-on activity to precipitate antigen and antibody complex
  • Quantitative assessment of antibody concentration

Also required: Low speed centrifuge for 1,5 to 2 ml tubes, rotator to hold 1,5 ml tubes or shaking incubator, UV light box.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with components needed for hands-on experimentation for six workstations of 4 to 5 students or 24 to 30 students. Supplied with Teacher’s Guide and separate Student’s Guides.

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