Combined ion-selective electrodes, perfectION™

Dodavatel: Mettler-Toledo
662-1281EA 33550 CZK
662-1281 662-1282 662-1297 662-1911 662-1918 662-1928 662-1913 662-1912 662-1284 662-1287 662-1286 662-1283 662-1917 662-1929 662-1915 662-1914 662-1298 662-1919 662-1916 662-1280 662-1870
Combined ion-selective electrodes, perfectION™
Elektrody Elektrody ISE
Combined ion-selective electrodes consisting of a measuring electrode complete with an integrated reference.

  • Click & Clear™ junction enables optimum contact between the electrolyte and measurement solution, even in difficult samples
  • The electrolyte solution can be made to flow easily through the junction by pressing the electrode head downwards
  • The junction needs to be cleaned between measurements and the electrolyte can be simply emptied and refilled if necessary

Other electrodes available on request. For further information please contact your local Avantor office.

ISA solution for Na+: NH₄Cl / NH₄OH

Informace pro objednávání: Each electrode is supplied with one replacement module. The reference electrolytes must be ordered separately.

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