Mammalian protein extract reagents, M-PER™

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Mammalian protein extract reagents, M-PER™
Pufry Pufry extrakční
The M-PER Mammalian Protein Extraction Reagent is designed to provide highly efficient total protein extraction from cultured mammalian cells.

  • Gentle - mild detergent lysis, yielding extracts that are immediately compatible with coomassie (Bradford) and BCA protein assays or SDS-PAGE
  • Compatible - extracts soluble proteins in non denatured state, enabling direct use in immunoprecipitation and other affinity purification procedures
  • Amine-free and dialysable - formulation ensures compatibility with subsequent assay systems
  • Convenient - lyse adherent cells directly in plate or after scraping and washing in suspension
  • Non-denaturing - maintain activity of luciferase, beta-galactosidase, CAT and other reporter genes as well or better than alternative methods

The complete cell lysis reagent is a non-denaturing detergent formulation that dissolves cell membranes and extracts total cellular protein in only 5 minutes. M-PER Reagent requires little or no mechanical disruption and yields more protein than freeze/thaw cycles and sonication. This mammalian cell lysis reagent is so efficient that adherent cells do not need to be scraped from the culture dish, enabling easy and direct lysis and analysis of cells grown in 24-well and 96-well plates. Resulting cell lysates from either adherent and suspension cells are compatible with many downstream assays including immunoassays, enzyme assays and a variety of common reporter assays.

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