Centrifuge columns for affinity chromatography

Dodavatel: Thermo Fisher Scientific
PIER89868EA 3590 CZK
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Centrifuge columns for affinity chromatography
Filtry Filtry centrifugační
PP column, PE filter, ~30 µm pore size. Pierce™ centrifuge columns are made from low protein binding polypropylene for compatibility with protein purification, and fit into standard centrifuge tubes for use in any centrifuge (1,5, 2, 15 and 50 ml).

Pierce centrifuge columns are convenient tools for handling 40 µl to 10 ml of an affinity support for purification. They can be used in either spin or gravity-flow format. The spin format reduces sample processing time and makes column washing and elution more efficient. For gravity-flow procedures and when slow processing time is desired for binding steps with dilute samples, Column extenders can be used to increase the column reservoir capacity.

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