Capillary columns, CP-Sil

Dodavatel: Agilent Technologies
VARICP8530EA 13890 CZK
VARICP8530 VARICP8772 VARICP7682 VARICP8771 VARICP8774 VARICP7685 VARICP7442 VARICP7684 VARICP8531 VARICP8014 VARICP7720 VARICP8775 VARICP7688 VARICP7690I5 VARICP7160 VARICP7681 VARICP8770 VARICP7680 561-7751 561-8688 VARICP7608 VARICP7672 VARICP8761 VARICP8760 VARICP7671 VARICP8521 VARICP7311 VARICP8762 VARICP7310 VARICP7676 VARICP7710 VARICP7453I5 VARICP7150 VARICP7670 558-0025 558-0026 VARICP7750I5 561-7741 VARICP8529 558-0021 VARICP7719 558-0023 VARICP7839 558-0024 VARICP8431 VARICP8673 VARICP8430 VARICP7740 VARICP8675 VARICP8796 VARICP8674 VARICP7621 VARICP7670I5 VARICP8710 VARICP8677 VARICP7620 VARICP8676 VARICP8712 VARICP7622 VARICP8799 VARICP8678 VARICP7340 VARICP8791 558-0014 558-0015 558-0016 558-0018 VARICP8687I5 558-0019 VARICP8716 VARICP7629 VARICP7741I5 558-0010 VARICP7749 558-0011 558-0012 558-0013 VARICP7685I5 VARICP7694 VARICP8541 VARICP7693 VARICP8540 VARICP7454 VARICP7696 VARICP8542 VARICP7695 VARICP8735I5 VARICP7730 VARICP7697 VARICP7732 VARICP7170 VARICP7690 VARICP8781 VARICP7692 VARICP8780 VARICP7691 558-0004 558-0005 558-0007 558-0008 VARICP7977 VARICP7739 VARICP8690I5 VARICP7760 VARICP6670 VARICP6671 VARICP7641 VARICP7762 VARICP8730 VARICP7761 VARICP7640 VARICP7884 VARICP7645 568-0716 VARICP8690 568-0714 VARICP7443I5 VARICP7809 VARICP8688I5 VARICP7647 VARICP8736 VARICP8735 VARICP7646 VARICP7649 VARICP7769 VARICP8737 VARICP7926 VARICP8562 VARICP7630 VARICP8685 VARICP7750 VARICP7749I5 VARICP8842 VARICP7680I5 VARICP8687 VARICP8736I5 VARICP7631 VARICP8689 VARICP6666 VARICP8722 VARICP7196 VARICP8560 VARICP7636 VARICP7635 VARICP7758 VARICP7637 VARICP7917 VARICP8750 VARICP8871 VARICP8870 VARICP8510 VARICP8752 VARICP8751 VARICP8754 VARICP8753 VARICP8511 VARICP7667 VARICP7700 VARICP8756 VARICP7666 VARICP7691I5 VARICP7140 VARICP8741I5 VARICP7709 VARICP7702 VARICP7789 VARICP7946 VARICP7947 VARICP7829 VARICP7771 VARICP6681 VARICP7770 VARICP7135 VARICP8741 VARICP7772 VARICP8743 VARICP7896 VARICP7895 VARICP8742 VARICP7656 VARICP8744 VARICP6680 VARICP7130 VARICP7770I5 VARICP7751I5 VARICP7779 VARICP7657 VARICP7813 VARICP7937 VARICP7936
Capillary columns, CP-Sil
Kolony chromatografické
The CP-Si™l line consists of a range of stationary phases which are based on a polysiloxane backbone. Functional groups are added to the polymer to introduce selectivity. Each polymer used for the CP-Sil line is manufactured in-house and is optimised to obtain highest degree of reproducibility.

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