Odstředivá zařízení, Nanosep® a Nanosep® MF

Dodavatel: Cytiva (Formerly Pall Lab)
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Odstředivá zařízení, Nanosep® a Nanosep® MF
Filtry Filtry centrifugační
These devices are used for simple, reliable concentrating and desalting of 50 to 500 μl samples. Select the low protein binding Omega™ membrane for ultrafiltration applications. The Bio-Inert® membrane is ideal for microfiltration of biological solutions. The GHP membrane is ideal for sample preparation in analytical chemistry (HPLC, GC, IC and MS). It is suitable for aqueous, organic and aggressive organic samples, and for rapid processing of samples.

  • Rapid processing of samples
  • Typical recoveries are greater than 90%

Housing: Low binding PP.

Ultrasonically-welded seals prevent bypass or seal failure.

Fit standard centrifuge rotors that accept 1,5 ml tubes.

Applications: Concentrate, purify, and desalt oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA, and proteins; clean up labeling and PCR reactions; isolate DNA from agarose gel slices; separate oligonucleotides and RNA from acrylamide gels; concentrate PCR products regardless of size with 30 kD device if primer removal is required; prepare protein sample for analytical techniques (e.g., HPLC, LC/MS).

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