Microplates, streptavidin coated, 96- and 384-well

Dodavatel: Greiner bio-one
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Microplates, streptavidin coated, 96- and 384-well
Mikrodestičky Mikrodestičky a stripy pro imunologii
PS, without lid. Streptavidin coated solid phases serve as reliable binding surfaces for all types of biotinylated molecules. Numerous ligands can be biotinylated simply and reliably, and due to the low molecular weight of biotin (244 Da), the functionality of the molecules is normally not impaired. Thus streptavidin-coated solid phases make it possible to simply and rapidly isolate, determine and quantify components from a reaction mixture. By immobilising the biotinylated substance, it is also possible to reproduce complete reaction chains on a streptavidin solid phase, for example, enzyme immunoassays, enzyme activity assays, DNA hybridisation techniques, quantification of PCR products, and receptor/ligand studies.

  • Shelf life up to 3 years at room temperature
  • All plates are pre-blocked and ready-to-use
  • Robust coating able to withstand temperatures up to 75 °C; pH 4 to 10; 1% SDS (37 °C, 1 hour); 50% formamide (56 °C, 1 hour); 4 M urea (37 °C, 1 hour); 4 M guanidinium thiocyanate (15 to 25 °C, 1 hour)

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