Nunc-Immuno™ modules

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Nunc-Immuno™ MicroWell™ MaxiSorp™ Nunc-Immuno™ MicroWell™ MediSorp™ Nunc-Immuno™ MicroWell™ PolySorp™ Nunc-Immuno™ MicroWell™ MultiSorp™
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Nunc-Immuno™ modules
Mikrodestičky Mikrodestičky a stripy pro imunologii
PS. Nunc-Immuno™ modules have been developed for ELISA techniques where the demands of versatility require a different solution to the standard 96-well plate format. Available with a choice of MaxiSorp™, PolySorp™, MediSorp™ and MultiSorp™ surfaces. All MaxiSorp™ modules are certified for binding homogeneity. Framed modules (external dimensions: 128×86 mm) fit all standard equipment.

  • With Nunc StarWell™ modules incubation time can be reduced by more than 50% or the sensitivity similarly increased
  • Small numbers of samples can be processed more economically
  • Available framed or unframed, modules remain in the frame when inverted
  • Choice of well shape: Round (U), flat (F) or C-shaped (flat with curved edges)

MaxiSorp™ surface has a high affinity to molecules with mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic domains. PolySorp™ surface has a high affinity for hydrophobic molecules. MediSorp™ has a surface chemistry intermediate between PolySorp™ and MaxiSorp™, providing low background signal with samples containing serum. MultiSorp™ surfaces have a high affinity to hydrophilic molecules.

Colour coded modules available on request, please visit www.vwr.com or contact your local VWR sales office for further information.

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