Adhesion slides, Menzel Gläser, Polysine®

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Menzel Gläser Polysine®
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Adhesion slides, Menzel Gläser, Polysine®
Sklíčka mikroskopická a krycí Sklíčka mikroskopická adhezivní
These slides, made using a technology that electrostatically and chemically attracts fresh cell preparations, formalin-fixed Bouin's or alcohol-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.

  • 90° ground edges with frosted ends for labelling
  • Adhesion superior to glue-, protein- or silane-treated slides
  • Thick tissue sections of 2 to 5 µm

Unaffected by enzyme pre-digestion or heating, tissue loss is minimised in prolonged in-situ DNA hybridisation techniques and in immunocytochemical methods.

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