Pipette controller, pipetus®-standard

Dodavatel: Hirschmann Laborgeräte
612-2602EA 8490 CZK
612-2602 612-2603 HIRS9905000 HIRS9906000 HIRS9904010 HIRS9903010
Pipette controller, pipetus®-standard
Pipety Nástavce pipetovací
Pipette controller for pipettes from 0,1 to 100 ml.

  • Optimum safety and excellent convenience of use
  • Pipettor is lighter and easy to use because the pump is separated from the handle
  • Autoclavable, detachable handle for the pipette holder is equipped with two buttons for filling and emptying

This electric pipettor is equipped with a 0,2 µm integrated water-repellent filter (for better durability) and a safety valve to protect the equipment from the introduction of hazardous (contaminated or radioactive) liquids.

Informace pro objednávání: The complete standard pipetus® is supplied with an electric pump, two filters and a safety valve.

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