Disposable culture tubes

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212-9596EA 7470 CZK
212-9596 SIMPT400-3AS 212-9600 212-9599 212-9598 SIMPT400-3ADS 212-9597 212-9604 SIMPT400-7 212-9603 212-9602 212-9601 720-0544 SIMPT400-4A SIMPT400-3ALST 212-9605 720-0545 SIMPT400-3AB SIMPT400-3S SIMPT400-3AAM SIMPT400-3DS
Disposable culture tubes
Zkumavky Zkumavky kultivační
PS or PP.

  • Manufactured without the use of release agents that could cause errors and interference in RIA tests
  • Precision moulding ensures uniform size and shape
  • PP tubes are translucent, can withstand centrifugation speeds over 3000×g, are suitable for most common acids, solvents and alkalis at room temperature, are almost unbreakable, and can be sterilised at 120 °C
  • PS tubes are transparent, will withstand centrifugation speeds up to 1400×g, can tolerate aqueous solutions, mild bases and weak acids (but not organic solvents, aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons), and cannot be autoclaved

For use in bacteriology, radioimmunoassay (RIA), coagulation, and other routine laboratory procedures.

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