Dialysis membrane Spectra/Por® 2

Dodavatel: Spectrum
734-0673EA 13570 CZK
734-0673 734-0675 734-0676 734-0672 734-0671
Dialysis membrane Spectra/Por® 2
Hadičky Hadičky dializační
MWCO 12 to 14 kD, regenerated cellulose.

  • Transparent and flexible

This economical membrane is ideal for a broad range of applications in which there is a significant size difference between the MW species being separated; including sample prep, desalting, buffer exchange, pH change, protein purification. Offering a good chemical compatibility, Standard Grade RC can be used with dilute strong acids and bases, concentrated weak acids and bases, most alcohols and some mild or dilute organics, including DMSO. Standard RC can tolerate pH 2 to 12 and temperatures +4 to +121 °C. Supplied dry, preservative: glycerol.

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