Chromatography Tubing, PEEK

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16-PEEK-10-5MEA 4600 CZK
16-PEEK-10-5M 16-PEEK-10-3M 554-7738 16-PEEK-04-5M 16-PEEK-04-3M 16-PEEK-07S-3M 16-PEEK-20-10M 16-PEEK-02-3M 16-PEEK-03-10M 16-PEEK-05-10M 16-PEEK-30-3M 16-PEEK-04-10M 16-PEEK-30-10M 16-PEEK-07-3M 16-PEEK-07S-10 16-PEEK-07-5M 16-PEEK-10-10M 16-PEEK-05-5M 16-PEEK-20-25M 16-PEEK-30-5M 16-PEEK-03-5M 16-PEEK-07-10M 16-PEEK-05-3M 16-PEEK-03-3M 16-PEEK-20-3M 16-PEEK-20-5M 16-PEEK-02-10M
Chromatography Tubing, PEEK
Hadičky Chromatography Tubing

  • Inert and biocompatible
  • Excellent for high pressure applications (413 bar)

Ten times less oxygen permeable than PTFE and with a greater temperature resistance. Completely flexible, easy to cut and suitable for a wide range of applications. Can be used with PEEK fingertight fittings or stainless steel nuts and ferrules.

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