Chromatography Tubing, Stainless Steel

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554-7734EA 0 CZK
554-7734 01-SS-40-10M 554-7736 01-SS-30-3M 01-SS-05-3M HICH01-SS-07-3M 01-SS-07-10M 01-SS-30-5M 01-SS-40-3M 01-SS-20-10M 01-SS-10-3M HICH01-SS-20-3M 01-SS-30-10M 01-SS-05-10M 01-SS-10-10M
Chromatography Tubing, Stainless Steel
Hadičky Hadičky HPLC
316 Stainless steel, precision bore ¹/₁₆" type tubing.

  • Operating temperature - no limit
  • May corrode with chloride salt or other buffers
  • May adsorb proteins

0,005 and 0,007" Int.Ø - suitable for minimal dead volume injector-column or column-detector connections of microbore or short columns containing 3 µm material. Sample and material must be filtered to avoid blockage.

0,10' Int.Ø - suitable for connection of analytical and semi-preparative columns containing 5 and 10 µm material. It should be used in all parts of the system where dead volume needs to be kept to minimum.

0,20", 0,30" and 0,40' Int.Ø - suitable for use in preparative systems or in non-critical connections (pump to sample injector where low flow resistance is more important than low internal volume).

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