Mikroelektrody pH, InLab® Micro / InLab® Nano / InLab® NMR

Dodavatel: Mettler-Toledo
InLab® Semi-Micro InLab® Semi-Micro-L InLab® NMR InLab® InLab® Micro InLab® Flex-Micro
662-2863EA 9350 CZK
662-2863 662-1347 662-2866 662-1618 662-2864
Mikroelektrody pH, InLab® Micro / InLab® Nano / InLab® NMR
Elektrody Elektrody pH
pH electrodes with S7 or BNC connector.

  • ARGENTHAL™ reference system with silver-ion trap (except InLab® Nano / NMR: Ag/AgCl)
  • XEROLYT® EXTRA polymer electrolyte: High signal stability, very short response time and high chemical resistance (InLab® Semi-Micro)
  • InLab® Flex-Micro features a flexible thin shaft (Ø 6 mm): Ideal for measuring pH in test tubes and other small containers

Informace pro objednávání: dodávány se zkušebním certifikátem. Je možné dodat další elektrody podle dohody.

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