Specialty pH electrodes, InLab®

Dodavatel: Mettler-Toledo
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662-2040EA 13610 CZK
662-2040 662-2035 662-2893 662-2034 662-2870 662-2033 662-2164 662-2036 662-2850 662-2835 662-1904 662-2848 662-2836 662-2869 662-2847
Specialty pH electrodes, InLab®
Elektrody Elektrody pH
  • ARGENTHAL™ reference system: AgCl granulate-filled cartridge supplies the silver ions for the chemical reaction on the conducting wire; silver ion trap stops the Ag+ ions from discharging into the electrolyte solution, thus preventing contamination of the junction when using sulfides and proteins
  • SteadyForce™: Reference system in which the electrolyte is pressurised (3 bar) to ensure discharge of electrolyte even in viscous samples
  • MultiPin™: pH/temperature

Informace pro objednávání: Supplied with test certificate. Other electrodes are available on request.

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