Interchangeable blocks for block heaters, QBA, QBD and QBH

Dodavatel: Grant
460-0085EA 8740 CZK
460-0085 460-8124 460-8123 460-8515 460-8512 460-8516 460-8510 460-8514 460-8513 460-8211 460-0182 460-0084 460-8517 460-8511 460-0275 460-8212
Interchangeable blocks for block heaters, QBA, QBD and QBH
Termostaty blokové Bloky
Grant blocks have a depth of 63 mm, ensuring precise temperature control for test tube applications.

  • Suitable for 0,2 ml tubes, strips or microplates
  • Can be used with standard/high temperature 96-well microtitre plates

Single block W×D×H (mm): 140×50×63

Double-size interchangeable blocks for QBA2, QBD2 and QBH2 only.

Particularly useful in molecular biology and biotechnology fields.

QDP-H blocks (460-0085) for 0,2 ml microplates, strips or individual tubes have 96 holes in microplate configuration. The block accommodates one 96-well plate, 8×12-well or 12×8-well strips or up to 96 individual capped tubes. A snug fit is ensured in the precision drilled wells. Uniformity is ±0,3 °C within tubes across the block.

QDP-FL universal block (460-0084) for standard 96-well plate accommodates the most commonly used types of standard or high temperature plates and cell culture plates. Supplied with hinged lid. Uniformity is ±0,5 °C between the wells.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with block extraction tool.

Upozornení: * These alternative double-size blocks are available for use with models QBD2, QBD4, QBH2 and QBA2 only.

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