Refrigerated coolers, CGR series

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Refrigerated coolers, CGR series
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Refrigerated coolers are primarily used for counter-cooling when used with a heated circulating bath or for rapidly cooling fluids down to low temperatures.

  • Coil fits beneath bridge plate of baths without reducing working space
  • Fast cooling rate: Alternative to cooling with dry ice or tap water
  • Nickel-plated copper coil with a 925 mm flexible pipe connection

The C1GR coil is suitable for use with all sizes of bath/circulators, whilst the larger height of the C2GR coil makes it suited for larger baths only.

The cooling coil may be continuously immersed in liquids up to 100 °C with the cooler switched off, and may be used to cool liquid down from 100 °C.

NOTE: Cooling capacity at +20, 0 and −10 °C.

Upozornení: Not designed for continuous operation above 40 °C.

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