Repetitive pipette, Finnpipette™ Stepper

Dodavatel: Thermo Fisher Scientific

612-6265EA 11400 CZK
Repetitive pipette, Finnpipette™ Stepper
Pipety Pipety pro opakované použití
Light, ergonomic, easy to use repeating pipette, comprising of a main body equipped with a filling and dispensing lever plus a volume selection knob.

  • Seven Finntip™ tip sizes for a volume range from 10 to 5000 µl
  • Five-position volume selector
  • Grip-Index handle enables long use without tiring
  • Full table of volumes displayed on the handle
  • An eight-channel Multistepper module can be adapted to the pipette directly

It can be used to dispense the same volume of reagent up to 45 times from a single filling. The Finnpipette™ Stepper works on the positive displacement principle, so it is ideal for dispensing aggressive, viscous or contaminating liquids. Uses only Finntip™ precision tips. Each tip size can be used for dispensing five different volumes.

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