Mini bottle bench top roller culture system, Wheaton®

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Mini bottle bench top roller culture system, Wheaton®
Roller pro buněčné kultury
The mini bottle bench top roller culture system is designed for small scale mixing and agitation using bottles that are too small to be accommodated by standard roller apparatus. It is ideal for 30 ml or larger serum bottles, 100 to 125 ml media bottles or 38×200 mm culture tubes for the growth and observation of single chicken or rat embryos. The compact size makes it suitable for laboratories with limited space and for use with standard incubators and cold rooms. Each single deck unit will accommodate a minimum of four bottles.

  • Continuous rotation of cylindrical bottles at predetermined optimum speeds provides better distribution of media and uniform gassing
  • System allows precise speed control of the bottles and is designed to compensate for sudden or prolonged line voltage changes
  • Roller shafts are mounted in self-lubricating nylon bearings, which eliminates many maintenance problems
  • Able to accommodate bottles 38 to 60 mm in diameter, up to 240 mm long, with bottle speeds of 3 to 45 rpm (38 mm bottle) and 2 to 30 rpm (60 mm bottle)
  • Supplied without vessels (available separately)

W×D×H: 320×325×180 mm.

Weight: 8 kg.

Upozornení: Use in an environment rich in carbon dioxide might necessitate more frequent replacement of motor brushes. Not to be used in temperatures exceeding +40 °C.

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