VWR® Acrylamide and Bis-Acrylamide

Dodavatel: Avantor
0172-50GEA 2710 CZK
0172-50G 0172-250G 0254-500ML 0341-1KG 0907-200G 0172-100G
VWR® Acrylamide and Bis-Acrylamide
Gely elektroforetické Agaróza a Akrylamid
An extensive line of acrylamide and bis-acrylamide pre-weighed powder blends, pre-mixed stock solutions and ready to use solutions for customised polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of proteins and PAGE of nucleic acids.

Ultra-pure (>99,9%) acrylamide and bis-acrylamide powders provide the flexibility to prepare solutions having concentrations and ratios for all electrophoresis applications.

Liquid blends minimise the handling of neurotoxic acrylamide.

Balení: Packed in a plastic bottle.

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